Fiordilatte ice-cream with coffee cocoa fondue.
Before serving, better add a covering of flour made with Savoiardi and Amaretti biscuits.


UHT whole milk, sugar, powdered cream (30%), skimmed milk powder, lactose, dextrose, emulsifiers: E410, E412, E466, cocoa, soluble coffee, flavourings.

Milk more than 60% coming from EU Countries.

Average nutritional values per 100g of product

Energia / Energy 148,34 kcal / 620,65 kJ
Carboidrati / Carbohydrates 2,79 g
di cui zuccheri / of which sugars 29,25 g
Grassi / Fats 2,79 g
di cui grassi saturi / of which saturated fats 1,1 g
Proteine / Proteins 2,55 g
Sale / Salt naturale