Il Tartufo Corallini is a gluten free hazelnut ice-cream with cocoa fondue.
The Tartufo di Pizzo is a single-serving artisanal ice-cream defined as a “hard-piece”.
For its packaging we use sheets of polythene coated food paper of irregular semi-spherical shape. It is produced with a hazelnut and cocoa whipped ice-cream, which has the characteristic of staying soft and forming a super-tasty drop coming out
The external surface is covered with a dusting of cocoa powder so to give a bitter-sweet taste, pleasing to the palate.
It is renowned as one of Italy’s and Europe’s most famous typical products of Calabria.
The ancient traditions of the Tartufo di Pizzo don’t involve the use of hydrogenated vegetable fats, milk and powders of any genre, preservatives and dyes.
It is a very full-bodied ice cream because for its natural ingredients and the technique of manufacturing (batch freezing process) it incorporates a very few air, unlike the industrial one which is mostly air. For its deliciousness and refinement, the Tartufo di Pizzo positions itself with great interest in the italian GOURMET.

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